Elevating the role of the carer

At Menter, we strive to provide learners with positive values and training, to enhance their professional experience.

At Menter Training we pride ourselves that we go 'beyond the certificate'. Learn why trainers and learners should choose Menter Training.
  • Making a Positive Impact

    At Menter, we work with organisations to provide learners with a personalised learning experience, so that they can fulfil their potential.

    We appreciate that a motivated and supported employee makes a huge difference to those they care for every day and to their employer.

  • Beyond the Certificate

    Our mentoring approach aims to develop learners' confidence, and create an engaging, empowering environment. We want to help create skilled carers, keen to undertake meaningful work that makes a real difference to all stakeholders.

Training session, Menter Training, Cardiff

Integrated Health and Social Care

At Menter, we are keen to enable carers and providers to benefit from the opportunities arising from a new approach to health and care.

Carer Carfiff, Menter Training, Cardiff

Care Providers

Providers who help develop happy, confident and skilled staff are best placed to offer enhanced and integrated care.

First Aid Dummy, Menter Training, Cardiff

Care Workers

Empowered and successful staff make a positive impact to both their own well-being and those for whom they care.

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Values & Ethics

Our training supports the future vision for healthcare in the UK, namely an integrated, whole system approach.

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Proven Mentoring

Our successful mentoring approach supports our learners and adds invaluable support.