Food Safety / Hygiene in Health and Social Care


This course has been designed in line with the Food Standards Agency and incorporates all relevant guidance and requirements implemented in the Care industry. This is an introductory course which can be tailored to the requirements of the organisation.

  • Who should attend?

    Anyone coming into contact with food items at work, whether preparing or serving.

  • Course Content

    This course will cover:

    • Legislative requirements
    • Food Hazards and risks
    • Contamination and bacteria
    • Role & responsibility of the food handler
    • Storing, preparing and cooking of foods
  • Benefits of the Course

    By attending this course, learners will be provided with the knowledge of maintaining safety and promoting cross contamination in the workplace.  This course has been designed to meet the standards of the relevant QCF framework and All Wales Induction Framework.

  • Assessment

    Learners will undergo formative assessments throughout the delivery, along with a short multiple-choice assessment.

  • Duration

    This course is delivered over 3 hours and can be extended to 7 hours dependent on role and service of organisation.

  • Venue

    Courses can be carried out at our fit for purpose venue, details below, or your chosen venue.  Courses carried out off-site will undergo a rigorous risk assessment to ensure suitability for the delivery of your session.

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