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The REAL Cost of Training

With the cost to retrain a member of staff estimated at £11,000, can your organisation afford to lose your best workers to an injury that could be prevented with correct training? There were 58,000 work-related cases of musculoskeletal disorder in 2017/2018. This is about one-third of all ill health in ...
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We all like to think we know what an abusive relationship looks like but do we? Ongoing abusive relationships continue because often they may seem normal or even loving on the surface; the reality can be much more sinister. In the year ending March 2018, an estimated 2.0 million adults ...
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The Menter Health Map

Take Your Organisation To The Next Level with the Menter Health Map To respond effectively to the challenges arising with the new integrated system, health and care providers will need to place staff development at the core of their strategic plans.  Traditionally many health and care providers comply with a ...
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Why We Need Inspired Transformers

Integrated health and social care Our current health and social care system is undergoing huge change. Government policy plans for integrated health and social care desire a more seamless provision of services from all care providers. This integrated approach will require new ways of collaborative working between multi-disciplinary teams. To be ...
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Be More

Be More with Menter At Menter Healthcare and Safety Training we want to make a difference. We are passionate and committed about what we do. Our talented team has many years experience providing training in the health and care sectors, and right now we want to work with providers and ...
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