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At Menter, we truly value our staff. We recognise that for our business to thrive we need dynamic energetic staff who are appropriately trained, supported and rewarded.

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    At Menter, we are focused on ensuring our learners enjoy every course they attend. A vital part of our strategy is to employ experienced and qualified employees who can deliver on our aims.

Catrina Dwyer, Menter Training, Cardiff

Catrina Dwyer

Managing Director
My career in health and social care began 16 years ago in Cardiff when I established a domiciliary care company to support the elderly and those with physical and learning difficulties. A deviation into health, spending 5 years with the UK’s leading healthcare technology solutions provider, gave me an insight into the challenges facing health. In 2016, completing my Masters degree showed me how education can be used to further understanding and development within industry. This, combined with my experience in health and social care, highlighted just how important effective training and education is, not only to patient safety, but to delivering great healthcare outcomes.
James Dwyer, Menter Training, Cardiff

James Dwyer

My role is to develop and help implement the strategy for Menter Training. I established a domiciliary care business in Cardiff along with my wife, Catrina 16 years ago. In 2008 I became the General Manager of a multinational medical software company. This is where I saw the benefits of integrating health and social care having worked in the areas of remote health, district nursing, unscheduled care and medicines management. Returning to the UK in April 2018, my personal mission is now to help integrate Health and Social care through our businesses in the UK. Given workforce development is a key factor in this, I see Menter Training as having a crucial role.

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With significant change on the horizon, I see Menter Training playing a pivotal role in helping providers meet this challenge by upskilling their staff and growing their businesses

My passion is to deliver what we call ‘beyond the certificate’ training so that employees can be more than a health and social care worker and make a positive difference to their own lives, to those who count on them every day and to the organisations for whom they work. 

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I am also the Chairman for Pineshield Health and Social Care Services as well as the UK lead for 3DAnatomical. 

My main passion outside of work is sailing where I have been involved in multiple world and national championships as well as offshore races such as the Fastnet and Sydney to Hobart races. I combined this passion with my profession by establishing Sailability in Cardiff, a charity that promotes sailing to people with disabilities.

Alison, Menter Training, Cardiff

Alison Davies

Head of Commercial Training
I have been working in the Health and Social Care industry for 12 years, beginning my career as a care worker in a nursing home.  I then went on to work in Domicilary Care as a support worker, where I developed my role into Care Co-Ordinator.  I worked in this role for 3 years, alongside my support worker role and I regularly went out and carried out visits with the service users, to ensure that I was maintaining my relationship with the service users and the staff. 
Dean Morgan, Menter Training, Cardiff

Dean Morgan

Head of Work Based Learning
I’ve worked in Health & Social Care for 6 years. I began my career in Care as a domiciliary care worker with a passion for helping people to better themselves. With a developing interest in training & being able to help people make a change, I progressed to Administrative Manager where I cemented my love for training & being able to help others to achieve their goals. Menter Training presented me with an opportunity to develop my skill base and work alongside a team of like-minded people who are extremely passionate about training and wanting to deliver to the best standards.
Chris Evans, Menter Training, Cardiff

Chris Evans

Customer Services Manager
I have been a member of Menter Training for over three years, and in that time have had the opportunity to help a large number of people from all different walks of life with their training needs. I take pride and satisfaction in guiding customers in the right direction and ensuring they achieve the right qualifications to develop themselves further.

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I progressed from the co-ordination role into training and assessing and have been a trainer/assessor since 2009.  I am qualified to deliver the majority of health and social care courses and have designed a number of courses for Menter Training Ltd.  I have been working with Menter Training since April 2011, since we began, and since then I have delivered, designed courses and maintained relationships and standards with a number of awarding bodies.  I have developed excellent relationships with a number of large Health and Social Care organisations throughout the UK and I am very passionate about helping companies to make a difference in the industry and increase their standards of work. 

I often look for new and exciting challenges and with my role as Head of Commercial Training at Menter Training Ltd I am very lucky to have the support and guidance from senior management to develop new areas that will fit with the organisations mission and values.  I pride myself on hard work, dedication and commitment to the company, staff and the customers and I am always willing to work beyond the certificate and go that extra mile.   

In my spare time I work as a Mental Health Counsellor.  My passion with counselling is to reduce the stigma of mental health and ensure that those who need it, get the right support when they need it.   

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At Menter, I’m part of the Customer Service team, providing valued advice & assistance to all of our customers.

  • 6 years Health & social care sector 
  • Supporting service users individually 
  • Liaising with parents, friends & family of service users as well as medical professionals & all general public, on daily basis 
  • Managing & Supervision of support staff 

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Menter have given me amazing support in developing myself in the areas I feel needed improvements. What this means for my customers is that they can be assured that any information that I provide is given with the utmost research and knowledge that I have. 

Outside of work I’m an avid mountain biker, living in Wales provides the best bike trails and the most amazing views. Riding up hill is a gruelling task, but highly rewarding. 

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