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The Menter team of health and social care experts has over 20 years experience in the sector. We’re flexible and love nothing better than helping learners to feel empowered in their jobs.

  • Learners who learn and earn

    Work-based learning offers learners the opportunity to ‘learn and earn’ whilst gaining job specific skills and an industry recognised qualification.  

    Menter Training offers apprenticeships in health and social care to employers looking to upskill their staff. 

  • What are Apprenticeships?

    Apprenticeships are a form of workplace training that allows learners to use their work-based competencies to gain accreditation towards a qualification and develop their careers.  

  • Employers benefit too!

    Apprenticeships are widely recognised as being the most effective way to create a motivated, highly skilled workforce

    Not only are they a great way to train staff and fill the skills gaps, they can also help boost company productivity and competitiveness.   

  • Apprenticeships in Wales

    An apprenticeship comprises a QCF Diploma (formerly known as an NVQ) and the Essential Skills Wales suite of qualifications (L1 – L3 in Essential Communications, Essential Application of Number, Essential Digital Literacy). 

    Menter Training can offer apprenticeships in health and social care for environments that care for adults and children and young people. To qualify for a place on a fully funded apprenticeship, the learner must be employed in the appropriate area of health and social care. Once approved, the learner will be allocated an occupational expert who can assess, guide and support in the work place every step of the way.  

    *The apprenticeships are funded by the Welsh Government and eligibility criteria will apply. 

For more information on apprenticeships in Wales, look at the pathways offered by Menter Training below. 

First Aid Qualifications, Menter Training, Cardiff

L2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) Length: 9 – 12 months

Aimed at those already working in health and social care, it is the minimum requirement for care professionals working with adults in services such as domiciliary and residential care.


Menter Training, Pineshield Staff

L3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Children and Young People) Length: 12 months

For those already working in children’s services, Menter can offer qualifications for residential services as well as improving practice in areas such as fostering, child care and mother and baby assessment units.


Training Resources, 3danatomica, Menter Training, Cardiff

L3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) Length: 12 months

Aimed at those progressing to a more senior position within regulated services such as day centres, domiciliary and residential care, and supported living. Menter also works with mental health, drug & alcohol and youth offending services for those looking to improve the practice of their staff.  

Menter Qualifications, Menter Training, Cardiff

L5 Diploma in Health and Social Care Length: 18 months (all)

Level 5 is suitable for managers delivering services in care. There are 6 pathways: 

  1. L5 Adult Advance Practice - deputy managers and senior leads in Adult Care 
  2. L5 Adult Residential Manager - managers who are required to register 
  3. L5 Adult Management - any other service.  
  4. L5- CYP Advanced Practice - deputy managers and senior leads in any child care service  
  5. L5-CYP Residential Management- managers who are required to register  
  6. L5- CYP Management - any other child care service 
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