Helping develop engaged and inspired carers

At Menter, we are passionate about sharing best practice techniques with our carers and providers to ensure the safe and effective provision of care.

  • How to be a good social care trainer

    At Menter, we are 100% focused on making sure our learners enjoy every course they attend.

    We appreciate that in order for people to learn, they need to be engaged, where they are paying attention and soaking up information because their learning style is being accommodated.

  • Values of care

    Each of our courses is specifically tailored to make sure that there is a variety of interesting and thought-provoking content and activities to suit all types of learner.

  • Handling techniques

    Each of our manual handling courses allow learners to practice their skills and more importantly implement them in the workplace, to maintain safety of themselves and others. 

Ensuring that our training courses provide the best learning experience for our students is key. Learn about our approach to Health and Social Care training and Health and safety at work. Take a look at some of our resources below.

Learn why we believe student engagement is paramount to student success at our courses

Learn how developing a well trained and confident carer in the training environment can help increase standards and ensure a great service for clients in the workplace.

Learn how Menter Training can help empower students to develop new life skills that benefit the workplace

Learn about the importance of passion in a trainer

Useful Links

We work closely with many organisations. Take a look at some useful resources from the following websites.

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