Helping deliver consistent, quality assured training courses

At Menter you can be assured that all of our course content is current, relevant and consistent.

  • Consistent learning material and experience

    At Menter, we are focused on ensuring the provision of consistent, high quality content, even when there may be multiple trainers over time. 

    Our ongoing training and refresher training is always reviewed and quality assured, ensuring a best practice approach.

  • Full accredited and quality assured courses

    Each of our courses is subject to internal review, quality assurance procedures and independent review by our accrediting bodies.

    We are proud of the high and consistent quality of our courses and their delivery.

Customer feedback is important to us. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say below.

Learn about the qualities of a good Health and Social care trainer from one of our clients

  • Customer Testimonial

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  • Why We Would Recommend Menter To Another Business For Training Trainers

    Menter provides the highest quality provision from course content through to carer skills and experience, to an organisation's culture and approach.

    All of our courses and internally and externally audited, providing quality assurance and peace of mind. 

    Menter aims to give trainers the confidence to care, and share their knowledge in their own organisation.

  • How Health and Social Care Training Improved My Personal Life and Skills

    Menter's skills training provides better understanding of a role and its responsibilities.

    Developing knowledge developed my confidence, an wider understanding of my role, and the impact on health and social care generally.

    By gaining these skills I am better able to challenge and advocate on behalf of the person I am caring for.