The Menter Health Map

Take Your Organisation To The Next Level with the Menter Health Map

To respond effectively to the challenges arising with the new integrated system, health and care providers will need to place staff development at the core of their strategic plans. 

Traditionally many health and care providers comply with a standard training ‘matrix’, fulfilling basic staff training and development, and regulatory requirements. 

The Menter Health Map is a free diagnostic tool that enables care organisations to understand how to gain competitive advantage by leveraging training to deliver a superior service whilst managing the budget.

Identifying advantage through the Health Map

The Menter Health Map has been designed by our highly qualified team, which has vast experience in the field of health and social care. 

The Health Map supports a more holistic approach to staff development with opportunity and risk identified in areas of:

  • Insight
  • Compliance
  • Risk
  • Strategy
  • Staff engagement. 

Our ‘beyond the certificate’ training supports the Menter Health Map by developing learners’ confidence, whilst creating an engaging, empowering and rewarding working environment. 

The Health Map has been designed to highlight areas of best practice in staff development, enabling organisations to highlight specific areas for training.

Investing in Staff – Training and Development

Focusing on improvement and investing in staff through high quality training demonstrates a true commitment to staff development. Such values demonstrably increase staff satisfaction, staff retention and can help to attract new, high-quality staff. 

Menter’s focus on mentoring helps to create skilled carers, keen to undertake meaningful work, which makes a real difference to all stakeholders.

Contact us today to arrange your FREE Health Map diagnostic session with one of our experienced team members. You will find their invaluable hands-on understanding of the realities of the day-to-day demands faced by the sector refreshing, and the exercise extremely insightful.

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