Why We Need Inspired Transformers

Integrated health and social care

Our current health and social care system is undergoing huge change. Government policy plans for integrated health and social care desire a more seamless provision of services from all care providers. This integrated approach will require new ways of collaborative working between multi-disciplinary teams.

To be prepared for this new singular system of care, staff will need to be appropriately skilled, confident and ready to work in the new system, to ensure excellent provision of health and social care in Wales and the UK.

This change clearly poses a challenge for organisations in the sector but at Menter we also see it as an exciting opportunity.

Menter Healthcare and Safety Training

At Menter Healthcare and Safety Training we are ready to make a positive and transformative difference. Our courses are designed to deliver above and beyond the expected minimum skill level, to develop staff who are highly skilled, motivated and engaged in their work. Our courses add value and purpose ‘beyond the certificate’.

We do this in several ways, for example our IOSH Train the Trainer course provides learners with the skills to embed a sense of purpose and pride in their staff, to ensure that they feel they are ‘making a difference’ each day. We want our learners to feel that they are true decision makers and influencers: what we call ‘inspired transformers’.

What is an Inspired Transformer?

Menter training courses, at their core, inspire learners to be transformative. By utilising our innovative mentoring approach, we aim to develop all learners to be:

  • thought leaders;
  • innovators; and
  • confident in providing the new integrated model of care.

Menter trainers are both highly qualified and very experienced. They have invaluable understanding of the realities of the health and social care ‘day job’, and appreciate what motivates and challenges staff in the sector.

By completing a Menter course, trainers will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to invest in and create inspired transformers within their own staff teams.

All of our courses cover as standard:

  • the ability to adapt to change and diversify – necessary for multi-team working and embracing new systems of working.
  • developing engaged and inspired staff – staff who feel successful in their roles are more motivated and effective in the workplace. We encourage everybody to ‘Be More’.
  • accessing networks and collaborating – true success from integrated provision will come from working in successful partnerships.
  • use of technology – the need for all services to work as a single seamless system will require development of IT skills to a minimum standard. Our courses explore and use technology to develop digital confidence and skills.
  • developing confidence – enabling learners to build new relationships across multi-disciplinary teams.
  • training – gaining skills and knowledge to operate safely and effectively in the workplace.
  • staff retention – we know what motivates and challenges staff in the sector. We explore the key values necessary to engage, motivate and retain staff.

Menter – inspiring our learners to innovate, participate and succeed.

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Menter Healthcare and Safety Training